About WeShield

WESHIELD's purpose is to provide access to high-quality health, medical and protective equipment and supplies, at affordable prices, with fast and reliable shipping options to ensure product is available when it matters the most. WESHIELD will strive to be diligent caretakers, deserving of the trust placed in us, of health and wellness wheresoever we should come into contact with people in need.  

WeShield is trusted by:



INVENTORY/WAREHOUSING: We will always warehouse the inventory that we sell, we will never “drop ship” product from a 3rd party. We will continuously invest in our supply chain to ensure increased product access and availability as our service areas grow.

QUALITY CONTROL: We will always inspect our inventory to ensure that the highest quality standards are met and all inventory will be stored in secured, environmentally controlled facilities.

SHIPPING/DELIVERY: We will only use reliable and trusted global, regional and local shipping/cargo carriers (in transit to our storage facilities from manufacturers/suppliers and from our facilities to our customers) and we will provide the widest possible range of shipping options so that our customers can get product delivered when they need it, at the lowest possible cost.