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Contact our enterprise solutions team to find out how our custom tech stacks can cut costs, streamline efficiencies & provide transparency throughout the entire procurement/purchasing process. Our engineers work directly with logistics and account teams to provide solutions that solve business problems.

Featured Use Case

The Business Problem

Executive procurement and purchasing personnel & location managers were spending a huge amount of time planning purchases, getting approvals, and placing orders for multiple locations ad-hoc. The product categories were largely disposable (lots of reordering small quantities of different items) with a large degree of varying demand by location (short notice labor intense). Ultimately, a ton of time and money was being wasted and product was not on-hand when it was needed the most.

The Challenges

The client has pre-negotiated by product pricing, shipping methods/costs & payment terms. Several levels of oversight are required to ensure approvals, correct purchase order #'s, etc. Locations must be assigned to purchasing manager accounts to restrict shipping to those locations only. Managers must be able to receive all individual order related comms (tracking, processing, etc.) and executives require account wide oversight and reporting.

The Solution

Enterprise solutions created a branded ecommerce purchasing portal containing the clients full product catalog at pre-negotiated pricing and shipping. Individual purchasing managers can login & place draft orders that will ship only to the location they have assigned to their account (admin can add/associate locations). All orders must be approved by the assigned account manager or the purchasing executive and invoices are automatically sent (and can be paid via a clickable link using the client's existing preferred method of payment). Purchase order #'s are required to submit a draft order and can be verified by the accounts team and purchasing executives before orders are approved & shipped. All tracking and order info is sent to the purchasing manager to facilitate delivery/reception and admins have reporting views into all orders & activity company wide.

A ton of cost cutting in labor, big boost in efficiency, all the modern ecommerce bells and whistles (real time tracking and processing updates via email and text, seamless order support through chat and telephone channels, etc.). A best-in-class consumer shopping experience in a complex enterprise level solution.